Caulk… your first line of defense against bugs and pests!


Ever notice wasps and other flying bugs inspecting your house? They are looking
for warm accommodations for the upcoming winter season.  

Caulk and foam can serve as the first line of defense by sealing gaps and cracks around a home, helping to prevent pests from entering. Each can be used alone as a proactive and insecticide-free approach or in conjunction with bug sprays if bugs have already penetrated the home.

The best way to keep pests from infesting your home is to keep them out in the first place.  Eliminating their entry points by sealing up all cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps on the exterior of the home will help improve the chances that your home will remain pest free throughout the fall, winter, and springtime seasons. Insects come in all different sizes and therefore can fit into tiny deficiencies in a building.  Caulk in an easy and inexpensive way to keep insects and pests out of your home.  Here are a few caulking tips…

Check around corners, edges, doors and windows and lighting fixtures. Check every inch around anything that attaches to or pokes out of the house. Take it slow and caulk every little hole or crack.

• Using caulk around window frames will not only keep the temperature of your home regulated, it will keep unwanted insects out.

• Use caulk to seal joints. • Clear silicone caulk is known for its flexibility and is recommended for areas that will not be painted.

• Caulk can be used to patch small cracks in foundations and siding.

• Use caulk around air intakes, exposed plumbing pipes, venting pipes, sky lights, and exhaust grills.

Just a few more expert ideas from Guy Calor, the Caulk King and CaulkWarmer