Working in weird Winter weather conditions.

600 Board Foot Kit Twin Pack

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can keep construction from being completed.  Even though this year’s Winter weather has been challenging, many construction projects have continued to move forward. The old ideas about construction stopping in Winter just aren’t true!  These days with technology and advances in construction materials, work can continue all through the Winter.

One of the major reasons the  increased use of technological advancements to extend the Winter construction season is possible is that high-tech equipment can be purchased for fairly reasonable prices.  Insulated blankets and ground heaters can take the frost out of the ground while warming bags, wraps, and hoses  allow construction materials to flow even when the temperature is well below freezing.

In fact,  in some conditions with proper site heating, concrete can cure out more slowly and become stronger than in the hot summer months where excessive heat can lead to quick cures with cracks and shrinkage.  Also, many  Spring suppliers raise their prices on materials which are often higher than the cost of Winter conditions. So it can actually be cheaper to work through the Winter avoiding material price increases and getting into the new building sooner.

How can you work in Winter conditions?  Proper planning is a big part of it, and proper planning means stocking up on all the warming technologies to work with weird Winter weather conditions.

Just another expert idea from Guy Calor, and CaulkWarmer!


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