With a Caulkwarmer you can conquer the Polar Vortex!

Caulk Warmer Conquers the Polar Vortex!

Caulk Warmer Conquers the Polar Vortex!

It’s so cold, even polar bears and penguins are being kept indoors.  The fiercest outbreak of arctic air in two decades is now known to all as a deadly “polar vortex” that can paralyze air travel and close roads and schools has locked almost the entire United States under subfreezing temperatures.

Forecasters said that the effects of the system, a swirling mass of North Pole air that has pushed unusually far south, would be felt by as many as 187 million people … more than half the country’s population.

This is exactly the kind of weather that makes our products so handy.  For those of you still brave enough to venture into the cold to work, you are going to want to plug in your warming bags and wraps first thing in the morning… and leave them on all day at the job-site so you can get your work done quickly, efficiently, and without waste… Pro-Tip:  You can even keep your lunch nice and toasty in your CaulkWarmer bag while you work through the morning!

We have a couple other good tips and tricks to keep you working through the polar vortex.

LAYERS. It is important to keep as warm and dry as possible. Having a number of thin warm layers will allow you to insulate better and lets you strip off easily if the temperature rises. Start off with thermal underwear and work your way up to you warmest winter coat. Don’t forget your hands: mittens are better than gloves and will help you prevent frostbite.

TECHNOLOGY. New technology nowadays can also help you stay warm. Hand warmers and heat packs can be purchased from any outdoor store and will help you keep toasty. You can also buy jackets with battery-powered heating systems for extra protection. Don’t forget a good pair of boots: make sure they are both waterproof and insulated to keep out the cold.

BATTERIES. For those of you that drive to work, check your car battery. Batteries that are more than three years old often can’t be jump started once they are exposed to sub zero temperatures for an extended period. So get to garage and change the battery. Stay as warm as possible while indoors: try eating soup or having a hot drink once you get inside. It’s important to keep warm and energized!

Just another expert idea for working through the Winter from Guy Calor (The Caulk King), and Caulk Warmer!


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