Making the Most of your Multi Purpose Tools

caulk warmer bag 300dpi

Everyone needs a multipurpose tool, right? Something that can do more than one thing, something that is worth its weight in gold? Something that gives as much as it takes? Whether your multi-tool of choice comes in the form of a heavy-duty solution that can perform multiple functions, a pocket knife with extra options, or something in-between, I think this little list of options might be worth your consideration

The Atom Multipurpose tool – This tool is made of high grade stainless steel and offers  16 tools in the compact format of a key.  Just hook it to your keychain and have it ready for any  situation.  Here are the included tools: Bottle opener, Hex bolt wrench set 3/8″, 5/16″ and 1/4″, Ruler set (imperial and metric), Flat head screw driver set (1/8″ and 3/16″), Philips head screw driver set (#1 and #2), Pry Bar, Hex bit driver (1/4″), Protractor (45° increments), Cross-cut course file, Single-cut fine file, Ripping tool

Shur-Line 10-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool –   This thing can do anything.  Peel paint, shear stubborn heads off of wall anchors, and open countless cans of paint. The manufacturer says it will work as a reversible screwdriver (flat and philips), hammer head, crown molding scraper, knife point, paint scraper, paint can opener, roller cleaner, nail puller.  And when you’re finished with all the projects around the house, the 10-in-1 tool will even open your beer.

Leatherman – When someone mentions a Leatherman tool, the image of a Swiss Army knife on steroieds comes to mind. A pliers based, multi-purpose tool, Tim Leatherman originated the tool category that we’ve come to know today as pretty much the “gold standard” for multi-purpose tools. While there are many models of this tool, (too many actually to detail here) they typically come in configurations that include spring-action pliers (needlenose and regular), spring action wire cutters, knife blades, serrated knife blades, screwdrivers (Phillips and flat, small, medium and large), awl, saw, strap cutter, can opener, bottle opener, and wrench assortments.

Genesis GMT16V Variable Speed Multi-purpose Oscillating Tool With Accessories – New slim line design oscillating tool with a 6 piece accessory set means you only need one tool for every job – An incredibly versatile tool for repairs, remodeling and restoration Flush cuts, plunge cuts, sanding, scraping grout removal and more. Includes sanding pads, 3″ wood drywall blade, rigid scraper blade & 30 mm E-Cut flush cut blade, hook & loop sanding pad, wrench, universal adapter for other branded accessories & accessory box

Caulk Warmer – Even if it’s a frigid 13°F outside, it’ll always be a balmy 80°F inside this rugged, waterproof warmer. The Caulk Warmer keeps caulk, glue, sealing tape – even gloves – pliant and ready to use. Powered by a standard household outlet or DC-at-AC inverter the insulated nylon shell holds heat after it’s unplugged. Electric warming pouches and wraps keep caulk, adhesive tapes, foams, grease gun cartridges, and glue pliant in frigid temperatures by maintaining contents at 80°F. You can even use it to keep your lunch warm! Uses a  standard household outlet, or pair it with DC-to-AC inverter (sold separately) for use in your service truck.

Just a few more expert ideas from Guy Calor, the Caulk King and CaulkWarmer


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