Creative Caulking and Caulk Frosting

Caulk Art Tree

So you think you are a “caulk artist” eh?  Well, there’s an interior wall finishing idea on the rise known as caulk frosting.  This application method allows you to create custom-made architectural elements on interior (and some exterior) surfaces. So, load up your caulking gun with a paintable caulk and release some creativity!

You can impress your clients with a spectacular architectural accent for any room using some very simple materials. You can also use this technique on ceilings, walls, clay pots, furniture, lamps and picture frames to create stunning effects.

1.   Pencil the placement of the design on the surface to be decorated.

2.    Extrude the caulk onto the surface following the pencil lines.

3.   To make the fine tendrils, cut a ¼” slice off the tip of the new tube of caulking. Place tendrils randomly along the fine. To make curly tendrils, move the caulking in small circles.

4.   To make leaves, cut the cap off the tube of caulking as shown in the diagram. Place cap back on caulking tube with the ¾” slice off the end. The cut cap should be placed on the tube so that the V notch is pointing to the top of the caulking gun. Extrude leaves along the vine in pairs.

5.   To make grapes, slice the caulking tube ¾” – 1″ from the top. Make small blobs with the caulk – they should look like large chocolate ships. Extrude the blobs on the surface in a grape cluster design. Dip your finger in water and smooth the tops of the grapes. To achieve a more 3-D effect, place a few more grapes on the top. Let dry 2-3 days before painting.

6.  If you really want to achieve artistic perfection, try duct-taping the same tips used by cake decorators to the extrusion end of your caulking tube.  Decorative pastry tips usually come in packs with a few different models included for a variety of shapes and designs.

Just another expert idea from Guy Calor, the Caulk King and CaulkWarmer

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